Love ‘Em All: A Bisexuality-Affirming Playlist

March, in addition to being Women’s History Month, is also Bisexual Health Awareness Month. Bisexuals (pan/poly/omnisexuals et al.) of all genders face discrimination and health issues at rates way beyond monosexuals of any gender. If you want to check out #BiHealthMonth and some of the depressing statistics you can do that here. To combat all the shit bisexuals deal with I wanted to make a playlist of songs (in precisely zero order)–interspersed with art–that affirm bisexuality, whether they are performed by bisexual artists or not, so get your sewing circle together and enjoy!

Bi Cartoon

Some Days, Some Other Days by Jesus Loves Lesbians, Too

Rhythm by Tamara de Lempicka (1924)

Rhythm by Tamara de Lempicka (1924)

Las Dos Fridas by Frida Kahlo (1939)

Las Dos Fridas by Frida Kahlo (1939)

Fwew! That’s a lot of music to soothe, energize, and delight your bi little souls. What other songs would you add? Which musicians am I missing? Let me know in the comments, and here’s an infographic for your troubles. Be safe, be well!

BHAM 3 ts to safer sex

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3 responses to “Love ‘Em All: A Bisexuality-Affirming Playlist

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  • Marilyn Fitterman

    Why can’t women have a month to rediscover our history without so very many crashing our month. THIS is feminist activism? I don’t think so!!

    • feministactivist

      How is this not feminist activism? Women make up at least 50% of bisexuals, and by the very definition of bisexuality most if not all people who identify with this label love women. I didn’t see you comment on the last post when Black History Month and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month happened at the same time, nor do I see comments from you regarding Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month colliding in October. There are only 12 months in the calendar we follow, and bisexuals are women therefore bisexual history is also women’s history. We can’t lead single-issue protests because we don’t live single-issue lives. I recommend reading up on intersectionality before you complain that someone is co-opting “our” month.

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