Post-Election, I Mourn

All that I feel, elegantly shared by an immigrant woman of color living in rural America.

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One response to “Post-Election, I Mourn

  • elizabeth jacoby

    As a 62 yr. old androgynous, US person I’m sorry that women seem to have adopted male behavior rather then assert a more equalitarian approach to politics, leadership, government .

    Drastic times demand drastic actions. Discrimination is illegal. PERIOD.

    Get rid of all laws and bills that don’t support this. PERIOD

    Stop promoting litigious disputes.

    I’m not that bright but I do know that together man (used in place of person) is capable of incredible things.

    We, as earthlings, need to get back to basics.

    Things have changed; but, too much has remained the same.

    P.S. President Trump is the first “outsider” to win an election. As a registered independent, I’m thrilled.

    Who cares if I like him or not. He’s the president. Don’t put him & his family through what the Obamas endured.

    Let’s be the change we want to see in our world.

    Bring common-sense back.


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