Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr, oh my!

Dear readers I thank you for your loyalty, even when I’m not churning out Pulitzer-prize-winning blog posts you still come back regularly and show your support. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that! Because it can take so much out of me to really pour myself into a blog, I’ve tried to do smaller things to involve you, the community, in advancing equality.

If you’re not already a fan you should go, right now, and “Like” Feminist Activism on Facebook. There’s even a handy button for it right up there! arrow-diagonal-up

Do you know the email address to send ideas/requests for blog posts, or submit Guest Posts? It’s FeministSNVA@gmail.com. You could also stay involved by following us on Twitter @FeministSNVA #feminism #StrategicNonviolentAction #activism. And since I’ve been blogging over at Stop Street Harassment since January, you can also check out #EndSH @StopStHarassmnt, and the ever-lovely folks at @NDVH and @loveisrespect.

And much like the tweets I send out that are weeks apart and then all of a sudden appear in a flurry for an hour or so only to disappear again, Feminist Activism is also on Tumblr @FeministSNVA. Below is a smattering of what’s gone up on Tumblr in the past month.

bi awareness


Giving Thanks


Not Your Asian Sidekick

Stop Islamophobia

Trans WHM

Women's History

Join us in using social media for good!

About feministactivist

Many words describe me but none more so than activist. I am dedicated to equality of all people and have a special focus on gender issues including reproductive justice, sexual violence, and strategic nonviolent action. View all posts by feministactivist

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